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Cards & Electronic Transactions

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Welcome to CubeIQ products and systems web pages.
CubeIQ Products and Systems: Cards & Electronic Transactions
Card Management, Transaction Authorization, Payment Gateways, Merchant Management
CubeIQ is an innovative payment solutions company at the forefront of the international payment industry is providing payment solutions for issuers, acquirers, card processors, independent sales organizations (ISOs), retailers, and national & regional switches around the world. CubeIQ is an innovative payment solutions company at the forefront of the international payment industry.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions cover the entire payment value chain by enabling innovative payments through omni-channel solution that allows the processing of any transactions coming from any channels initiated by any means-of-payment.
ATMs & Self-Service Terminals Management
Financial institutions, independent service operators and retailers around the world are operating their open own ATMs and Self-Service terminal network require to provide a large range of services to their customers including cash withdrawal, bill payment, deposit/mini statements, mobile top-ups and PIN changes, on demand. To fulfill their customers’ requirements organization have to pro-actively manage their Self-Service terminal network in such a way that allows them to monitor  performance, resolve malfunctions, perform reconciliation, do back office accounting, clearing and settlement, as quickly and efficient as possibly.

To stay head of competition organizations need to minimize operation cost and ensure services 24/7. They have also to implement Self-Service systems that are card-agnostic, support future technologies like biometrics, palm readers and facial recognition while they will have to meet the present and future demands of financial standards and regulatory compliance.

CubeIQ can provide a powerful and comprehensive ATM and Self-Service terminal management solution that enables financial institutions, ISOs and retailers to manage secure and get more out of their Self-Service networks.
POS Management
Point of Sales (POS) are increasing dramatically around the world and consequently eft/pos terminal for card and other media of payment acceptance are increasing with the same pace. To cover the market demand payments providers, ISOs and retailers have to manage a huge number of eft/pos terminals and implement eft/pos management systems to support the latest eft/pos technology including stand alone, fixed, mobile, combined with ECRs, software and virtual.

To stay head of competition payment provides to offer value-added services such as DCC, instalments, cashback, mobile top-up and bill payments and at same time manage effectively their eft/pos networks remotely. They have also to implement payment systems that drive the devices, switch authorization, capture transaction data, and manage clearing and settlement in a cost effective, dynamic and efficient manner, while they have to support future technologies and have open APIs for devices managed by third parties.

CubeIQ can help payments providers, ISOs, retailers and banks overcome these challenges, rapidly roll out new services, simplify global device deployment, while keeping maintenance and administration costs to a minimum.
Card Management
With our comprehensive and flexible card management solution we enable established card issuers and new market entrants to manage all card types, including credit, credit, debit, commercial and prepaid, cash/ATM, affinity and loyalty cards through all stages of their lifecycle.
Our card management system has been developed to support all kind of issuers, from small to large and global financial institutions, banks, credit companies, retailers and private card processing companies. With multi-currency, multi-product, multi-institution and multi-language capabilities manages card portfolios across different countries and for different issuers on a single global platform.

EMV Card Personalization
For centralized EMV card personalization or for EMV remote card personalization CubeIQ provides EMVPro™ one of the most compressive EMV Card Personalization Production software in the market today.
EMVPro™ is a  complete smart card personalization suite with initial focus on the central EMV card issuance market, supporting contact and contactless MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Dinners Club, and China Union Pay with extensions to instant - in branch - EMV card issuance.
Merchant Management
Our merchant management solution empowers cross-border acquirers and retailers to process digital internet and in-person payments from around the globe. Acquirers operating in a global environment face a number of unprecedented challenges. Connecting multiple local and international payment schemes, providing greater flexibility, optimizing processing, demonstrating competitive pricing while facing payment schemes commissions are some of the challenges.

Retailers from the other hand face a series of other challenges. Increase sales, analyze customers’ behavior from transaction data, optimize interchange cost selecting the most efficient acquirer, reducing cost while becoming PCI and PSD2 compliant. Acquirers and retailers have to adapt and improve their systems to overcome these challenges.  

Our merchant management platform enables acquirers and retailers to overcome all of these challenges, while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.
Fraud Detection
Financial fraud especially on card based electronic transaction is one of the most important challenges in our era. To mitigate the risk of payment fraud, issuers and acquirers have to monitor and authorize their transactions coming from multiple systems, multiple channels at any time of the day. In order to prevent fraud issuers and acquirers need to block fraudulent transactions in real-time and also alert their customers of suspicious transactions or behavior.

CubeIQ fraud detection solution allows financial institutions to monitor their issuing and acquiring activities in real-time, or near real-time, and generate automatic alerts and actions, which can be followed up by the financial institutions’ fraud department.
E-Commerce and M-Commerce
Over the last decades e-Commerce and m-Commerce activities have been increased and they are increasing rapidly. e-cCommerce and m-Commerce payment transactions involve card transaction which are categorized as “card no present” and therefore need to be secure and authenticated.

3DSecure protocol developed by VISA and adopted by MasterCard and the other payment network when used by car issuers and acquirers covers the security and authentication requirement of “card no present” transactions. 3DSecure protocol when applied requires card issuers to implement Access Control Servers (ACS) for 3DSecure authentication, and payment gateways to implement a Merchant Plug-In (MPI) on their platforms. Acquirers’ payment gateways (MPI) need to provide diverse payment methods, support multiple card schemes and tokenization, while being flexible enough to be integrated within merchant websites. Issuers’ payment platforms (ACS) need to have a flexible enrolment mechanism such as ‘Activation During Shopping’ and cardholder authentication methods compliant with the latest standard such as PCI and PSD2.

CubeIQ e-Commerce platform implementing the MPI part of 3DSecure is a multi-merchant and acquirer solution for e-Commerce and MOTO payment management that offers easy integration with merchants by facilitating multiple methods of data submissions.
CubeIQ e-Secure platform implementing the ACS part of 3DSecure helps issuers to increase the confidence in online payments, by providing 3DSecure services to multiple institutions and products.
Mobile Payments
Consumers are using more and more their mobile phones to purchase goods and services. Mobile phones can be used to money transfer (between persons), execute payments (between person and merchant), mange benefits disbursement (between Government/Business and persons), cash-in and cash-out and a number additional financial services.
In response, card issuers, retailers, mobile operators and other entries involved in the payment chain are launching mobile payment services at an unprecedented rate, using their own wallet or dedicated third party wallets.
To secure mobile transitions EMVCo has created a tokenization framework requiring all providers to secure customer card credentials on mobile devices, create “Token Vaults” that are scheme-agnostic, provide multiple use cases and support all mobile payment devices.
CubeIQ mobile payments platform helps providers by supporting the issuance, provision, storage and management of tokens from any schemes on any type of wallet. CubeIQ wallet gives a great flexibility for organizations to launch their own-branded and personalized mobile payment wallet by connecting internal and external payment means and supporting various transactions types.
Supported Modules
Application Foundation Base
CARD-eCommerce (MPI)
CARD-eSecure (ACS)
CARD-Central Personaization
CARD-Intant Issuance
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