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Digital Assets Management

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Enabling Technologies for Financial Services

CubeIQ Limited

CubeIQ Limited is an IT company specialized in Business Process Re-engineering, focused in the Banking and Electronic Transaction Processing Market. Our leading-edge software solutions can transform business processes in a more efficient, more productive and cost saving way.  

Digital Assets Management
Hollistic Approach to Digital Assets Management

CubeIQ Digital Assets & Content Management solution brings an opportunity to Banks, Financial Institutions, Fintechs, Insurance companies, various categories of financial services providers and large corporations to:
• Manage digital assets and decision rules effectively.
• Minimize the time between decision design and delivery.
• Minimize digital assets operating cost.
• Integrate omnichannel environment with multiple business application  to one digital assets repository.
• Improve business process efficiency and collaboration between related processes.

Bring new value to your business with content services
Shaping the future of financial services
Insurance companies, banks, and funds are saddled with legacy ECM systems that cost millions to maintain and hold back digital transformation. Modernize legacy systems and accelerate innovation with CubeIQ Content Services Platform.
Speeding ideas to market
Product companies, like apparel, beauty, luxury, food, and others, know that launching products faster can help them meet and drive consumer trends. Accelerating creative processes is key to more profitable product launches. Enterprises using CubeIQ Content Services Platform accelerate time to market of consumer products and services.
Set the pace of change with the Content Management Platform
Deploy faster with a robust content services platform and a low-code development environment to score quick wins today, and future-proof your business to take on emerging challenges.
Drive intelligent predictions with AI Data Internal Analysis
There’s no “one size fits all” approach that works: artificial intelligence should be able to classify and predict based on the exact information that matters to you.
Deploy applications with unlimited flexibility with the Cloud
You don’t have to choose between cloud-native newcomers with limited functionality or legacy on-premises solutions retrofitted to the cloud. Deploy full platform power with the ease of use of SaaS.

CubeIQ Digital Assets & Content Management solutions are based on Hyland-Nuxeo platform.

Content Management Solutions for Financial Services
Information is a core asset for financial services organizations. But for most, it is managed by outdated, inefficient systems and applications. So, whether your goal is improving your customer experience, increasing market share, or meeting compliance requirements, modernizing your information management systems is crucial to your future success.

Modernize and go to the Cloud
IT modernization can be a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Migrate to the Cloud and modernize your information management systems “in place", making content available across silos without disrupting the workflows and tools your users depend on.
Content Management Solutions for Consumer Services &  Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry
Content Management Platform empowers greater economies of scale across top consumer goods customers worldwide, while empowering them to stay as flexible and nimble as a small challenger. Get more from your complex portfolio of global and local brands. Enable easier collaboration, more agile teams, and faster launches with our solutions made for CPG brands.

Brand & Product Awareness
In today’s trends-driven markets, getting product onto the shelves and providing exceptional customer service have never been more important. CubeIQ provides the only Content Services Platform to think beyond traditional Digital Asset Management. Product Asset Management (PAM) is a new approach that takes digital assets beyond the marketing department to connect content, data, and assets across the organization.
CubeIQ Solutions Diffrentiations
Data & Content
Manage all types of information, from data and documents to images, HD video, and 3D renderings.
Federated Access
Use content across silos without moving your information, to maximize value and ease of access.
Maximum Performance
Rely on 99.9% uptime and search all your content and data in the blink of an eye.
Cloud-Native Architecture
A robust platform with the ease of use of SaaS — run Nuxeo in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid deployment.
Continuous Innovation
We’ve said goodbye to release dates, and hello to iterative processes that center on customer needs and immediate feedback.
Connect to remote data and content, define object models, configure workflows and design compelling UIs, all with a simple drag-and-drop paradigm.
Business Specific AI
Classify, predict, and enrich documents, rich media, and other content, with no coding or technical expertise.
Industries Supported
Financial Services
Assets & Money Managers

CPG & Retail
Retail Chains
Food & Beverages
Luxury Goods
Media & Entertainment
   TV & Radio Stations
   Advertisement Agencies
   Streaming Platforms
   Newspapers & Magazines
State Controlled Compamies

All Purpose Enterprise Solutions
Digital Asset Management

CubeIQ Digital Access Management plarform manage, access, and use all of your rich media and digital assets with enterprise Digital Asset Management capabilities. All known media formats are supported, from all known popular operating and file systems, either natively or using plug-ins.
Content Management

CubeIQ offers a full set of “traditional” ECM features … but that’s just the beginning. We treat content differently. Our Content Management low-code platform drives more efficiency and value from your content, using a flexible, scalable cloud-native architecture and introducing powerful AI/ML.
Document Management

Create and manage documents, automate business processes with workflows, build in compliant, yet invisible, governance and retention capabilities. Then go further, using AI/ML and our low-code platform to extract more value from your documents, and learn more from the knowledge they contain.
Case Management

Case managers in the insurance and financial services industries today face a landscape of unprecedented complexity. No longer limited to documents and data, cases today may involve image, video, and even 3-D files. Customers expectations for omnichannel experience have never been higher. All documents and media types are supported by CubeIQ's Case Management Platform.
Customer Communication

CubeIQ Customer Communication Management solution allows you to choose how you want to store documents and correspondence. You can elect to store native AFP, Metacode and other print-stream formats or transform your existing and new print-stream data to individual or multi-document PDF files.
We know customer communications, including high-volume statements, billings, EOBs, policies, and correspondence represent a unique set of challenges for organizations that use traditional print-stream technologies to produce them.

Financial Services Solutions
Claims Management

Claims Management System for Insurance, reduces claims leakage and drive better customer experience.
Claims are at the heart of customer experience in the insurance industry, but many claims managers still use legacy processes and systems that are labor-intensive and time-consuming.
We offer Claims Management software solutions that drive a unified, omnichannel claims experience. Maximize the efficiency of your claims processes while improving the claims experience for everyone: claimants, agents, and adjusters.
Loan Origination

Personal, Commercial, Mortgage, SBA, SME and Corporate loans.
CubeIQ Loan Origination System enables your enterprise with the flexibility and adaptability to stay future-ready. Built on our low code digital automation platform, incorporates scalable lending technologies that covers all kinds of loans.
CubeIQ Loan Origination System ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, streamlines your lending processes and unifies front and back-offices operations. Minimizes time to market for new products and eases loan application process which results in higher conversion rates at lower operating costs.

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CubeIQ Limited
CubeIQ Limited is an IT company specialized in Business Process Re-engineering, focused in the Banking and Electronic Transaction Processing Market. Our leading-edge software solutions can transform  business processes in a more efficient, more productive and cost saving way.   
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